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Sustainability & Performance Criteria Evaluation Index (SPECI)

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SPECI is a building evaluation system that looks into its social, economical and environmental sustainability achieved in terms of architectural design, function, financing, technology and management in its performance.

  • SPECI (Sustainable Performance Evaluation Criteria Index) of the SLIA is a unique building evaluation method which assess the building in a systematic and rigorous method once the building is constructed or occupied.
  • SPECI is rating system to assess the building in terms of Performance and Sustainability
  • SPECI rating is guided by a computer aided software developed exclusively for the purpose
  • SPECI will provide a rating authenticated by a team of consultants to the building owner that would be accepted by most Financial Institutions and Local Authorities
  • SPECI will award a rating for the building as Platinum, Gold or Bronze which endorses a judgment of the performance and sustainability if the building
  • SPECI involves in evaluating both qualitative and quantitative aspects of a building

Main Evaluation Criteria;

  • functions & space utilization
  • focus to function & space utilization
  • provision for future
  • security, safety and user comfort
  • services
  • operation and maintenance
  • within the evaluation human comforts, appropriateness, optimum usage
  • efficiency considered as main parameters

Methods of SPECI

Strategies of Evaluation will be formulated by the a team Leader who is a Chartered Architect which covers all allied professional services as well SPECI service will be provided purely by a Chartered Architect having expertise for the Building Evaluation and he may consult Allied professionals for specific evaluation criteria.

How to Obtain SLIA SPECI

SLIA is committed to provide the service of a Chartered Architect to attend your requirement whatever the building project maybe. Depending on the complexity of the project, a team of experts will be allocated for the project SPECI document and its criteria are applicable to any building evaluated by a trained Chartered Architect.

Cost Of Speci Building Evaluations

Depending on the size, complexity and evaluating aspects of the building lump sum fee will be worked out and to be notified to the applicant. The ‘team’ will inform the applicant the duration and the cost of the project after the initial investigation. Applicants are required to pay 50% of the evaluation fee to the SLIA before commencing the Building evaluation and the balance payment could be made at the time that the building rating certificate is received by the applicant.

How To Apply

Application form and other details of the SPECI Building Evaluation could be obtained from the Professional Affairs Board of the SLIA, at 120/7, Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07 on Payment of Rs. 1,000.00 (inclusive of Taxes) by Cash or Cheque drawn in favour of the ‘Sri Lanka Institute of Architects’.