Architectural Profession
Professional Affairs Board publishes a range of publications related to the profession.
Document No. Documents / Publications
PAB/03/1998/R4 Recommended Professional Fees, Conditions Of Engagement & Form Of Agreement Between Owner & Architect (Fourth Edition)
PAB/02/2013/R2 Practice Manual Vol. 1 - Managing a Practice
PAB/03/2015/R1 Practice Manual Vol. 2 - Managing a Project
PAB/01/2010/R2 Practice Manual Vol. 3 - Standard Forms
PAB/01/2002/R1 Selection procedure for Architectural Consultancy Services
PAB/03/2014/R1 Before You Build (Sinhala Version)
PAB/01/1995/R3 Before You Build (English Version)
PAB/02/2015/R1 SPECI
- Year Book- Directory of Members and Architectural Practices

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