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    Title: Natural Resource Of Sri Lanka: (Conditions & Trends) 
Classification No: 339.5 
Accession No: 0465 
Author: Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority of Sri Lanka 
Publisher: Kells Business System Ltd 
Published Year: 1991 
No. of Pages: 280 
Description: Key 
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  Book  Title: The Vanishing aborigines : Sri Lanka's Veddas in transition 
Classification No: 301.18 
ISBN: 0706952987 
Accession No: 867 
Author: Dharmadasa, K. N. O. (Author),‎ De A. Samarasinghe,S. W. R.  
Publisher: International Centre for Ethnic Studies in association with NORAD and Vikas Pub 
Published Year: 1990 
No. of Pages: 176 
Description: Vedda (Sri Lankan people)
Sri Lanka -- Social life and customs.
Manners and customs.
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  Book  Title: Sri Lanka Investment Policies and Incentives 
Classification No: 336 
Accession No: 865 
Author: Board of Investment of Sri Lanka 
Publisher: Board of Investment of Sri Lanka 
Published Year: 1999 
No. of Pages: 75 
Description: The Role of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka 
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  Book  Title: Libraries for Professional practice 
Classification No: 727.8 
ISBN: 0851395651 
Accession No: 212 
Author: Calderhead, Patricia  
Publisher: Architectural Press 
Published Year: 1972 
No. of Pages: 127 
Description: This book provides information about the architectural libraries and Libraries on architectural design Administration.  
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  Book  Title: Planning and design of library buildings 
Classification No: 727.8 
ISBN: 0750615141 
Accession No: 524 
Author: Thompson, Godfrey 
Publisher: Butterworth Architecture 
Published Year: 1991 
No. of Pages: 224 
Description: A new library cannot be successfully created or an old one replanned until librarian, architect and others form an integrated team. Each must appreciate the other's expertise, and know something of their work. Each must also assess and communicate their own requirements and information needs, sufficiently quantified, at the right stage in development. This book offers general principles for the basic brief, and step-by-step guidance on how to develop it in greater detail. It is the only book in English (and the only comprehensive one in any language) for those who come to this task for the first time, or who have experience of it but may be involved in new commissioning or redevelopment. "synopsis" may belong to ano 
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  E - Book  Title: Construction building envelope and interior finishes databook 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 0071360220 
Accession No: E0004 
Author: M Levy, Sidney 
Publisher: Norwich 
Published Year: 2001 
No. of Pages:  
Description: Provides guide to the finishes, materials, and structural systems used in common building practices. This databook highlights scores of shapes, patterns, details, procedures, and more in both charts and illustrations. Masonry, roofing types, interior materials, and finishes are all included in this resource. 
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  E - Book  Title: Building in wood : construction and details 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 3764352779 
Accession No: E0003 
Author: Gutdeutsch, Go?tz 
Publisher: Birkha?user 
Published Year: 1996 
No. of Pages:  
Description: 3. Building with wood has enjoyed a remarkable revival in recent years. Technically ingenious and aesthetically demanding buildings by architects such as Thomas Herzog or Santiago Calatrava derive their special character from wood. Modern building techniques are enhancing the structural possibilities of this traditional material and in the context of current ecological debates, wood - the natural and renewable building material - is gaining even greater importance. 
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  E - Book  Title: Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems 
Classification No: 696 
ISBN: 0071385460 
Accession No: E0002 
Author: Butler, Robert Brown 
Publisher: McGraw-Hill 
Published Year: 2002 
No. of Pages:  
Description: 2. Each title provides the architectural and design professional with a comprehensive reference of more than 1100 equations illustrated with both a large and small building example. Provide guidance on structural systems, materials, plumbing, electricity, illumination, and acoustics 
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  E - Book  Title: Architect's Legal Handbook : The Law for Architects 
Classification No: 343.4107872 
ISBN: 9781856176279 
Accession No: E0001 
Author: Speaight, Anthony & Stone, Gregory 
Publisher: Architectural Press/Elsevier 
Published Year: 2010. 
No. of Pages:  
Description: 1. Architects Legal Handbook is the most widely used reference on the Law for architects in Practice, This edition includes all the latest development in the law that affect an architect’s work, and comprehensive coverage of relevant UK law topics. Architect’s legal handbook is the essential legal reference work for all architects and students of architecture. 
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  Book  Title: Museum of St. Anthony : St. Anthony’s Shrine Kochchikade Colombo 13  
Classification No: 726 
Accession No: 3655 
Author: Jayasinghe, Sagara  
Publisher: The Administrator St. Anthony’s Shrine Kochchikade Colombo 13 
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 36 
Description: The introduction of St. Anthony to the Sri Lankan local community was by the Portuguese and the Order of the Franciscan Missionaries who came to Sri Lanka in the 16th century. 
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  Book  Title: Timeless Houses : Architecture for Living in Sri Lanka  
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 978-955-41360-0-7 
Accession No: 3654 
Author: Ratnavibhushana, Anura  
Publisher: Self Published Limited  
Published Year: 2014 
No. of Pages: 124 
Description: This book is a collection of houses that were designed in Architect Anura Ratnavibhushana studio between 1970’s and the turn of this century.

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  Book  Title: Learning From Tri-Ciprocal Cities : The Time, The Place, The People  
Classification No: 061.4 
ISBN: 978-1-941806-36-4 
Accession No: 3656 
Author: King, Gene Kwang-Yu & Lee, Anderson  
Publisher: Publishers of Architecture, Art, and Design Gordon GOFF 
Published Year: 2014 
No. of Pages: 414 
Description: HKIA, as the leading organizer, is honoured to have this commemorative publication produced as a significant record of the marvelous exhibition. 
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  Book  Title: Rafiq Azam : Architecture for Green Living  
Classification No: 72.037 
ISBN: 978-88-572-1780-2 
Accession No: 3653 
Author: Falvo, Rosa Maria  
Publisher: SKIRA : Bengal Foundation  
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 328 
Description: Art aficionado Abul Khair founded the Bengal Foundation, as a private trust, in the 1980s to realise his personal vision of celebrating and projecting a culturally rich Bangladesh to both local and international audiences. 
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  Book  Title: Transcultural Modernisms : Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts – Vienna : Vol. 12 
Classification No: 72 
ISBN: 978-3-956790-12-6 
Accession No: 3649 
Author: Model House Research Group  
Publisher: Sternbery Press 
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 262 
Description: Besed on the findings of an interdisciplinary research project, Transcultural Modernisms maps out the network of encounters, transnational influences, and local appropriations of an architectural modernity manifested invarious ways in housing projects in India, Israel, Morocco, and China that served as exemplary standard models, not only for Western societies.  
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  Report  Title: Public Space and Quality of Life : A Case Study of Mount Lavinia Beach 
Classification No: 301.16 
ISBN: 978-955-44617-0-3 
Accession No: 3650 
Author: Efroymson, Debra & Fernando, Udan 
Publisher: Debra Efroymson 
Published Year: 2014 
No. of Pages: 119 
Description: This report is written in a breezy style in prose which sometimes borders on the lyrical. The enthusiasm of the authors for the physical and human environment of the Mount Lavinia Beach is palpable. 
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  Book  Title: Polonnaruva : An Archaeological Fuide and Related Matters 
Classification No: 954 (093.5) 
ISBN: 978-955-51735-2-0 
Accession No: 3643 
Author: de Silva, Raja  
Publisher: de Silva, Raja 
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 166 
Description: The monuments of interest, most of which have been conserved, are described in the order of their disposition as viewed when travelling from the south to the north of the mediaeval city. The numbers within braclets show the positions of the monuments as given in the plan at the back of this booklet.

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  Book  Title: Boundary Divisions of Mediaeval Sri Lanka 
Classification No: 954 
ISBN: 955-9079-18-2 
Accession No: 3644 
Author: Abeyawardana, H.A.P. 
Publisher: Academy of Sri Lankan Culture 
Published Year: 1999 
No. of Pages: 243 
Description: Boundary Divisions of Mediaeval Sri Lanka is the title of the English rendering of the book Kadaim-pot Vimarsanaya (A Critical Study of Boundary Books) first published in Sinhala in 1978 and reprinted in 1996 by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Sri Lanka. This was selected for the award of the best research publication in the year 1978. 
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  Book  Title: Inspire : Australian National Architecture Awards 2013 
Classification No: 72.036 
ISBN: 978-0-9806123-7-0 
Accession No: 3646 
Author: Australian Institute of Architecture 
Publisher: Australian Institute of Architecture 
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 276 
Description: The works you will discover in the following pages embody best practice principles and showcase sustainable solutions to design, budgetary and environmental challenges. 
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  Book  Title: Convention Centers  
Classification No: 725.1 
ISBN: 978-3-03768-126-8 
Accession No: 3640 
Author: Uffelen, Chris van 
Publisher: Braun Publishing 
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 304 
Description: Conferences and convention spaces are enjoying strong demand, with new concepts and approaches being constantly developed. The multitude of types, sizes, and context is almost endless : in addition to freestanding buildings, they can be located in hotels or airports, attached to a brewery or a sports arena. 
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  Book  Title: Architectural Principles in the Age of Cybernetics  
Classification No: 72 
ISBN: 978-0-415-38482-7 
Accession No: 3636 
Author: Hight, Christopher  
Publisher: Routledge Publishing  
Published Year: 2008 
No. of Pages: 248 
Description: Architectural Principles in the Age of Cybernetics offers a theoretical account of the body, anthropomorphism and proportion in modern architecture, daringly bridging Renaissance and mid-twentieth century architecture with today’s interest in post-humanism and digital design-in the process, radically conventional modern architecture. 
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