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  Book  Title: Apartment Building : Plan Atlas 
Classification No: 728.226 
ISBN: 978-981-245-671-7 
Accession No: 3569 
Author: Pilar Chueca 
Publisher: Pageone 
Published Year: 2009 
No. of Pages: 511 
Description: This work features more than 250 examples of contemporary buildings that show how the architects have implemented to overcome the restrictions of space, needs and sometime regulations & environment. 
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  Book  Title: Kengo Kuma : Works and Projects 
Classification No: 72.037 
ISBN: 978-1-9043-1361-8 
Accession No: 3567 
Author: Luigi Alini  
Publisher: Milan 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 247 
Description: This Book allows to recognize in Kuma qualities that go beyond his acknowledged talent as an Architect. 
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  Book  Title: The Urban Housing Handbook 
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 978-0-470-51275-3 
Accession No: 3568 
Author: Eric Firley & Caroline Stahl 
Publisher: John Wiley 
Published Year: 2009 
No. of Pages: 327 
Description: Focusing on the relationship between housing and the urban block, The Urban Housing Handbook is a vital design & analysis tool for architects, building professionals and students interested in the fabric of the cities. 
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  Book  Title: Educational Environments 4 : Featuring Green Design Strategies  
Classification No: 727.3 
ISBN: 978-1-58471-167-4 
Accession No: 3573 
Author: Roger Yee 
Publisher: Visual Reference Publication  
Published Year: 2009 
No. of Pages: 248 
Description: In this book’s timely survey of the newest educational facilities, from K-12 to university & beyond, as designed by some of the nation’s leading architects and interior designers. 
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  Book  Title: Smart Space : Office Design 
Classification No: 725.2 
ISBN: 978-988-19508-5-7 
Accession No: 3571 
Author: Editor : Yeal Xie 
Publisher: Design Mesia  
Published Year: 2010 
No. of Pages: 373 
Description: This is a collection of about seventy recent office interiors, ranging from small studios to large convention towers, and is an excellent reference for designers dedicated to office interior design. Financial and advertising offices are highlighted in separate sections of the book for particular study. 
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  Book  Title: New Health Facilities 
Classification No: 725.51 
ISBN: 978-84-96969-59-9 
Accession No: 3570 
Author: Charles Broto 
Publisher: Links 
Published Year: 2009 
No. of Pages: 299 
Description: The projects presented in this book show the new Architectural tendencies for the hospitals of the future. In this difficult task, the functionality that all health centers require in order to adapt to computer systems & sophisticated medical equipment must be combined with an aesthetics that is pleasant for patients, visitors & medical staff. 
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  Book  Title: A Description of the Great and Most Famous Isle of Ceylon , Vol. 3  
Classification No: 954 
ISBN: 81-206-1172-1 
Accession No: 3580 
Author: Philip Baldaeus 
Publisher: Asian Educational Services 
Published Year: 1998 
No. of Pages: 829 
Description: With all the adjacent Kingdoms, Principalities, Provinces, Cities, Chief Harbors, Structures, Pagan Temples, Products, and living Creatures. The Manners, Habits, Economies and Ceremonies of the Inhabitants; as Like wise the most remarkable Warlike Exploits, Sieges, Sea and Field-Engagements between the Portuguese and Dutch; with their Traffic and Commerce. 
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  Book  Title: The Great Temples of India, Ceylon, and Burma  
Classification No: 726.1 
ISBN: 81-206-0385-0 
Accession No: 3581 
Author: J. Jetley  
Publisher: Asian Education Service  
Published Year: 1999 
No. of Pages: 96 
Description: India has been called the “ Land of Temples’’ in consequence of their number. In Ceylon and Burma, in addition to temples, there are semicircular or conical buildings, called database, supposed to contain relic of Buddha. The arrangement followed will be chiefly geographical. 
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  Book  Title: Wooden Wonders of Sri Lanka 
Classification No: 745.5 
ISBN: 978-955-1856-01-4 
Accession No: 3588 ; 3589 
Author: Editors : Dr. Nimal Ruwanpathirana & C.K. Muthumala 
Publisher: State Timber Corp., Sri Lanka 
Published Year: 2010 
No. of Pages: 52 
Description: This document have indirectly proved the value of local timber species and conservation of the forest cover in Sri Lanka which has valuable timber species, and also the importance of focusing on potential and effective involvement to develop the forestry sector and wood industry in Sri Lanka. 
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  Book  Title: A Golden Journey of Innovation, Excellence & Experience 50 
Classification No: 62 
ISBN: 978-955-0898-00-8 
Accession No: 3603 
Publisher: The State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka  
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 208 
Description: The State Engineering Corporation, across the span of fifty years has made a significant contribution to the progress of the construction industry in Sri Lanka. The Corporation is today, a showcase of both efficiency and productivity, as it continues to exceed expectations and boldly face up to the vision of being the leading engineering enterprise. 
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  Book  Title: Tropical Houses : Living in Paradise  
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 978-3-03768-095-7 
Accession No: 3593 
Author: Michelle Galindo 
Publisher: Braun 
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 224 
Description: Tropical Houses features a stunning array of the most ambitious examples of tropical residential design from around the globe. Each project showcases how technology, planning and design can be applied sensitively to generate sustainable and luxurious homes in which living is pure pleasure. 
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  Book  Title: WOHA : Sia – Getz Architecture Prize for Emergent Architecture in Asia 
Classification No: 72.037 
Accession No: 3590 
Publisher: WOHA Architects Ptd Ltd  
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 47 
Description: As an indication of WOHA’s versatility and growing global recognition, the practice won two titles in two consecutive years (in four separate categories) at the World Architecture Festival, the only architects to have achieved such a distinction. 
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  Book  Title: Airport Architecture  
Classification No: 725.39 
ISBN: 978-3-03768-104-6 
Accession No: 3591 
Author: Editor : Chris van Uffelen  
Publisher: Braun 
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 287 
Description: Modern airports have a lot more to offer than just terminals and runways. They also often include parking, malls, lounges, cafes, conference halls and office centers., hotels and railway stations. 
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  Book  Title: Liquid Perception in Thai Urbanism and Architecture  
Classification No: 725.87 
Accession No: 3600 ; 3601 
Author: Editor : Lynne Gilberg 
Publisher: Sunset  
Published Year: 1992 
No. of Pages: 278 
Description: The content of the book and the exhibition is from the collaboration among architects, scholars, and city planners. These specialists review knowledge from the past and propose visions from their expertise with social and environmental responsibilities. This is vital for architectural designs. We are hoping that this information would provide some guidance to the future development in living sustainably with “water”. 
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  Book  Title: Life Between Buildings : Using Public Space 
Classification No: 711.4 
ISBN: 978-1-59726-827-1 
Accession No: 3598 
Author: Jan Gehl 
Publisher: Island Press 
Published Year: 2011 
No. of Pages: 207 
Description: At this time in history when all over the world are undergoing great changes in the process of growth and modernization, the humanistic planning principles presented in this book can serve as an inspiration for these important processes. 
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  Book  Title: Architecture in the Digital Age : Design and Manufacturing 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 0-415-38141-X 
Accession No: 3451 
Author: Editor : Branko Kolarevic  
Publisher: Taylor & Francis  
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 314 
Description: The book offers a diverse set of ideas as to what is relevant today and what will be relevant tomorrow for emerging architectural practices of the digital age. 
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  Book  Title: Performative Architecture : Beyond Instrumentality 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 0-415-70083-3 
Accession No: 3452 
Author: Editors : Branko Kolarevic & Ali M. Malkawi 
Publisher: Spon Press  
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 266 
Description: This book discusses an emerging approach to architecture in which building performance is a guiding design principle. 
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  Book  Title: Re – Envisioning Landscape / Architecture 
Classification No: 711.4 
ISBN: 84-95273-99-3 
Accession No: 3217 
Author: Editor : Catherine Spellman 
Publisher: Actar 
Published Year: 2003 
No. of Pages: 294 
Description: This book suggests that the relationship between landscape and architecture might be imagined over & over again , in such way that each is defined less as a quantifiable object and more as an idea a way of seeing, act of making , and way of engaging culture and society.  
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  Book  Title: Kindergartens : Schools and Play Grounds 
Classification No: 727.1 
ISBN: 978-84-96936-85-0 
Accession No: 3543 
Author: Ana G. Canizares 
Publisher: FKG 
Published Year: 2010 
No. of Pages: 255 
Description: The book is a display of some of the most recent work carried out by architects around the world, in an attempt to stimulate the learning process of students of different ages, while also guaranteeing aspects as important as comfort and safety. 
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  Book  Title: Lunuganga 
Classification No: 712.3 
ISBN: 978-981-261-844-4 
Accession No: 3529 / 494 
Author: Geoffrey Bawa, Christoph Bon & Dominic Sansoni 
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish 
Published Year: 1990 
No. of Pages: 219 
Description: “Lunuganga” or “Salt River” was the name given by Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa to the unique garden which he created a few miles inland from Bentota in Southwestern Sri Lanka. 
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