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  Book  Title: New Health Facilities 
Classification No: 725.51 
ISBN: 978-84-96969-59-9 
Accession No: 3570 
Author: Charles Broto 
Publisher: Links 
Published Year: 2009 
No. of Pages: 299 
Description: The projects presented in this book show the new Architectural tendencies for the hospitals of the future. In this difficult task, the functionality that all health centers require in order to adapt to computer systems & sophisticated medical equipment must be combined with an aesthetics that is pleasant for patients, visitors & medical staff. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Perera, Navindri
- Part l
  Book  Title: Tropical Living : Contemporary Dream Houses in the Philippines 
Classification No: 728.6 
ISBN: 978-0-7946-0556-8 
Accession No: 3548 
Author: Elizabeth V. Reyes & others  
Publisher: Periplus 
Published Year: 2000 
No. of Pages: 224 
Description: Graced with a warm tropical climate, both Asian-and Latin-inspired style, & plenty of indigenous building material, the Philippines is home to some of Southeast Asia’s most creative architects & Interior Designers. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Silva, Ishini
- Part l
  Magazine  Title: The Architect 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 13915363 
Accession No:  
Author: Editor - Archt. Peshali Perera, FIA (SL), Co- Editor - Archt. Vinuri Ethapane, AIA (SL) 
Publisher: BAP- Sri Lanka Institute of Architects 
Published Year: 2017 
No. of Pages: 112 
Description: Contests 64 The Changing Skyline of Colombo The once laidback commercial capital of Sri Lanka that was mostly identifiable by its colonial architecture has made major strides in developing a more up-to-date and upscale appearance that could rival some of Asia’s better-known capital cities. 73 '' Frozen Figures '' Scrap Metal Art Through hade work, determination and undeniable skill, Lalith Senanayake has risen to become one of modern day Sri Lanka’s finest artists. 78 Strange Familiar - A Slice of Sri Lankan Urban Middle Class Marriage Life Strange familiar ( Dekala Pufudu Kenek ) is the debut film by emerging young filmmaker Malith Hegoda. 83 Basilur Tea Gallery at Liberty Plaza The generator of the design concept for the ‘ Basilur Tea Gallery ‘ was certainly the multiple varieties for differently flavoured teas and its intricately designed packaging that is a feast to the eyes. 52 EFL Campus for Simple Logistics The future office is more than technology. It is a focus on employees’engagement and the dialogue between space, whice could be generally identified as the new sustainability of office culture. 88 Sappers Leisure Bay Club House and Pool Pavilion at Mattegoda ‘‘ … Leisure is not synonymous with time, nor it is noun…, Leisure is an verb, I Leisure, you Leisure…’’ 106 Experimental Theater A Reconciliation Initiative in the North: An experimental theatre based in Kilinochchi. 
  Book  Title: The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture : City, Technology and Society in the information Age  
Classification No: 03 
ISBN: 84-95951-22-3 
Accession No: 3221 
Author: Manuel Gausa & Others  
Publisher: Actar 
Published Year: 2003 
No. of Pages: 688 
Description: Throughout these pages and in the format of a selective dictionary of crossed ( and cross – referenced ) terms ( and voices ), we seek to identify a new will in architecture. 
01  Avalable      Inquary.html  
  Book  Title: Urban Landscapes 
Classification No: 711.4 
ISBN: 981-245-319-9 
Accession No: 3330 
Author: Bernd Wylicil  
Publisher: Pageone 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 237 
Description: Describes about urban planning in modern China. 
01  Not Avalable  8th Dec 2012  Mr. Dharmarathne, Dinura
- Part l
  Book  Title: Life Between Buildings : Using Public Space 
Classification No: 711.4 
ISBN: 978-1-59726-827-1 
Accession No: 3598 
Author: Jan Gehl 
Publisher: Island Press 
Published Year: 2011 
No. of Pages: 207 
Description: At this time in history when all over the world are undergoing great changes in the process of growth and modernization, the humanistic planning principles presented in this book can serve as an inspiration for these important processes. 
01  Not Avalable    Ms. Kannangara, Shehara
- Part l
  Book  Title: Tropical Houses : Living in Paradise  
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 978-3-03768-095-7 
Accession No: 3593 
Author: Michelle Galindo 
Publisher: Braun 
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 224 
Description: Tropical Houses features a stunning array of the most ambitious examples of tropical residential design from around the globe. Each project showcases how technology, planning and design can be applied sensitively to generate sustainable and luxurious homes in which living is pure pleasure. 
01  Not Avalable    Mr. Nayeemudeen, Wafiq
- Part l
  Book  Title: Smart Space : Office Design 
Classification No: 725.2 
ISBN: 978-988-19508-5-7 
Accession No: 3571 
Author: Editor : Yeal Xie 
Publisher: Design Mesia  
Published Year: 2010 
No. of Pages: 373 
Description: This is a collection of about seventy recent office interiors, ranging from small studios to large convention towers, and is an excellent reference for designers dedicated to office interior design. Financial and advertising offices are highlighted in separate sections of the book for particular study. 
01  Not Avalable  11th Feb 2013  Ms. Perera, Savindi - Part l  Inquary.html  
  Book  Title: 3 Steel Houses 
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 1-87690-789-4 
Accession No: 3577 
Author: Barton Myers 
Publisher: The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd  
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 126 
Description: 3 Steel Houses showcases groundbreaking residential designs by renowned architect Barton Myers. These houses incorporate “off-the-shelf” components, challenging conventional methods of residential construction and celebrating the beauty of materials. Each house is both prototype and personal statement. 
01  Not Avalable  12th Feb. 2013  Ms. Wickramasinghe, Sanara
- Part l
  Book  Title: Design Ecologies : Essays on the Nature of Design 
Classification No: 551.588 
ISBN: 978-1-56898-783-5 
Accession No: 3576 
Author: Editor : Lisa Tilder & Beth Blostein  
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press  
Published Year: 2010 
No. of Pages: 255 
Description: Contemporary architects are under increasing pressure to offer a sustainable future. But with all the focus on green building there has been little investigation into the meaningful connections between architectural design, ecological systems, and environmentalism. 
01  Not Avalable  29th Jan 2013  Mr. Williams, Akila
- Part l
  Book  Title: Super Potato Design : The Complete Works of Takashi Sugimoto Japan’s Leading Interior Designer 
Classification No: 729.1 
ISBN: 978-0-8048-3737-8 
Accession No: 3550 
Author: Mira Locher 
Publisher: Tuttle 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 240 
Description: Super Potato Design is the first full-length book to present the built work and conceptual ideas of the internationally renowned Japanese design firm Super Potato.  
01  Not Avalable  28th Jan 2013  Mr. Fonseka, Nilrandha
-P1- Y2
  Book  Title: Making People – Friendly Towns : Improving the public environment in towns and cities  
Classification No: 711.4 
ISBN: 0-415-23759-9 
Accession No: 3540 
Author: Francis Tibbalds 
Publisher: Taylor & Francis  
Published Year: 2001 
No. of Pages: 116 
Description: Many principles of urban design have stood the test of time and can be applied to making our towns and cities better places in a sensible and economically viable manner. 
01  Not Avalable  26th Oct 2012  Ms. Rathnayake, Achana
-P1- Y2
  Book  Title: Shop Architects : out of practice 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 978-0-500-34266-4 
Accession No: 3596 
Author: Philip Nobel & others  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson  
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 431 
Description: What kind of architects is SHOP, are the partners? The answer is they are Architects. Period. Capital A. Their answers follow in this book. 
01  Not Avalable    Ms. Waduge, Viranga
-P1- Y2
  Book  Title: 501 Must – Visit Islands 
Classification No: 91(026) 
ISBN: 978-0-7537-1694-6 
Accession No: 3460 
Author: Polly Manguel 
Publisher: Octopus 
Published Year: 2008 
No. of Pages: 544 
Description: This book brings you 501 of the world’s most interesting island. Some are incredibly difficult to reach; Other are just a short trip away from the mainland by boat or plane. 
01  Not Avalable  18/10/2012  Ms. Wanigasooriya, Dinu
-P1- Y2
  Book  Title: A Field Guide to the Common Trees and Shrubs of Sri Lanka  
Classification No: 712 
ISBN: 955-9114-08-5 
Accession No: 3450 
Author: Mark Ashton & Others  
Publisher: WHT 
Published Year: 1997 
No. of Pages: 431 
Description: For the first time, several leading experts on the Sri Lankan flora have brought together their knowledge in preparing a truly useful field guide to more than 700 species of trees and shrubs which are locally common or widespread in Sri Lanka’s diverse climatic zones.

01  Not Avalable  23rd Jan 2013  Ms. Gamage, Menusha
-P1 -Y3
  Book  Title: Spaces : Architecture in Detail  
Classification No: 729 
ISBN: 1-59253-106-7 
Accession No: 3413 
Author: Oscar Riera Ojeda & James Mccown 
Publisher: Rockport 
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 190 
Description: This book, Spaces is the fourth published volume in the Architecture in Detail series, whose goal is to explore the current work of some of the top architects and interior designers in practice today.

01  Not Avalable  01st Feb 2013  Ms. Liyanage, Irudini
-P1 - Y3
  Book  Title: BAWA : The Sri Lanka Gardens  
Classification No: 712 
ISBN: 978-0-500-51446-7 
Accession No: 3416 
Author: David Robson & Dominic Sansoni 
Publisher: Thames & Hudson  
Published Year: 2008 
No. of Pages: 176 
Description: BAWA : the Sri Lanka gardens is a story of two brothers and their exquisite gardens, set in the lush tropical landscape of Sri Lanka. 
01  Not Avalable  23rd Jan 2013  Ms. Niaz, Zahra
- P1 - Y3
  Book  Title: World History : Volume 1 : To 1800 ; 3rd Edition 
Classification No: 93 “1800” 
ISBN: 0-534-57169-7 
Accession No: 3375 
Author: William J. Duiker & Jackson J. Spielvogel 
Publisher: Wadsworth 
Published Year: 2001 
No. of Pages: 621 
Description: Critically and popularly acclaimed, this wonderfully rich and comprehensive study of world history balances a global approach with attention to the unique character and development of civilizations in divergent parts of the world. 
01  Not Avalable  07th Feb 2013  Ms. Weerabahu, Raveena Amani
- P1 - Y3
  Book  Title: Water Gardens : Simple Projects, Contemporary Designs  
Classification No: 712 
ISBN: 0-8118-1406-8 
Accession No: 3342 
Author: Hazel White  
Publisher: Chaonicle 
Published Year: 1998 
No. of Pages: 118 
Description: In Water Gardens, Hazel White shows how to create wonderful garden elements using the shimmering gleam and entrancing murmur of water. 
01  Not Avalable  12th Feb. 2013    Inquary.html  
  Book  Title: Landscape Architecture : Defining the Craft  
Classification No: 712 
ISBN: 978-0-500-34207-7 
Accession No: 3341 
Author: Peter Walker & Partners  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson 
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 231 
Description: The firm of Peter Walker and partners (PWP) is part of the postwar history of Landscape Architecture beginning with the teaching and practice of Stanley White and Hideo Sasaki.  
01  Not Avalable  01st Feb 2013    Inquary.html  
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