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  Book  Title: Arcasia Architectural Timeline Chart  
Classification No: 72.03 
ISBN: 978-971-506-399-9 
Accession No: 3210 
Author: Widodo, Johannes & David Reyes,Yolanda (ed.)  
Publisher: Arcasia 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 41 
Description: This Architectural Timeline Chart (ATC) is a first ever attempt by ARCASIA Committee on Architectural Education (ACAE) to compile a photo spread of the historically important, architecturally significant structures of ARCASIA member countries.

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  Magazine  Title: "GRID" - The Architect 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 13915363 
Accession No:  
Author: Editor-in-chief - Archt. RavinGuneratne, FIA (SL), Guest Editor - Gihan Karunaratne, RIBA, FRSA 
Publisher: BAP - Sri Lanka Institute of Architects 
Published Year: 2016 
No. of Pages: 159 
Description: Editorial's Grid Spotlight The Logic of From and Image Signature Architecture of Inclusivity Tradition and Continuity Broken symmetries and Shifting Grids House & Design Family Retreat Redux House The Light Fort House Soils Ortus : My Rising of the Sun Matakana Barn Features A Grid is a Grid, is a Grid The Grid GC Prostho Museum Research Center Memorial The Murdered Jews of Europe Vistas Wanmu Orchard Wetland Park The Grid and the Asian City The Checkerboard Grid of China New Urban Grid? The Grid A Grid With the View Short Takes Small Monument Granby Workshop Turner Price 2015 Viewpoint Trying Too Hard to Bring Order Research Creating a Grid, Mapping and What is Next? Irrigation Grids of Stewardship and Extraction Landscape Transforming a Pineapple Plantation into a Leisure Garden Projects IFRCS Community center for Tsunami-Affected Community Fine Arts of Pala Pothupitiya Reconfigured Cartographies The Arts The Grid Democratizing Cinema The Moving Image Pictorials Longhouse Granby Workshop Sawdust Inventory-of-Handles Space Chain Even Covering of the Field Student Forum metamorphosis of the Public Realm National Design School Afterglow Geometry and Movement in the Work of Scott Gardiner 
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  Book  Title: 10 Minute Guide to Motivating People  
Classification No: 16 
ISBN: 81-85944-87-3 
Accession No: 3268 
Author: Marshall J.Cook  
Publisher: alpha books  
Published Year: 1997 
No. of Pages: 134 
Description: In the 10Minute Guide to Motivating People you’ll learn about how to create a work environment where people feel strongly motivated to perform at their best. Each 10-minute lesson includes strategies, type, and techniques to unleash the motivation in each employee in any type of organization.  
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  Book  Title: 100 Marvels of the Modern World  
Classification No: 72.036 
ISBN: 978-0-7495-5229-9 
Accession No: 3455 
Author: Alison Ahearn & Others 
Publisher: Automobile Association 
Published Year: 1993 
No. of Pages: 221 
Description: One hundred of the world’s greatest modern manmade marvels are brought to life in these pages. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Fernando, Sachintha
- P1- Y3
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  Book  Title: 1000 Singapores A Model of the Compact City  
Classification No: 711.2 
ISBN: 978-981-08-6349-4 
Accession No: 3552 
Author: ----- 
Publisher: Singapore Institute of Architects  
Published Year: 2003 
No. of Pages: 347 
Description: 1000 Singapores – A model of the Compact City is about the thousands of lives, faces, ideas and experiences of a high-density city-state, all of which will converge to give you a portrait of our living environment and communities. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Cooray, Seshani
- Pl-Y2
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  Book  Title: 1001 Ways To Improve Your Conversation & Speeches  
Classification No: 407 
ISBN: 81-7224-330-8 
Accession No: 3121 
Author: Prochnow, Herbert V.  
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 393 
Description: Here are all the tools and techniques that offer unlimited possibilities for study and self-improvement. Here in one volume are thousands of apt phrases, ‘bon mots’, figures of speech and quotations, that transform commonplace talk into lively, forceful conversation.  
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  Book  Title: 25 Tropical Houses in Indonesia 
Classification No: 728.6 
ISBN: 0 7946 0245 2 
Accession No: 3549 
Author: Amir Sidharta 
Publisher: Periplus 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 240 
Description: 25 Tropical Houses in Indonesia offers a selection of the best contemporary architecture in the archipelago. 
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  Book  Title: 3 Steel Houses 
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 1-87690-789-4 
Accession No: 3577 
Author: Barton Myers 
Publisher: The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd  
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 126 
Description: 3 Steel Houses showcases groundbreaking residential designs by renowned architect Barton Myers. These houses incorporate “off-the-shelf” components, challenging conventional methods of residential construction and celebrating the beauty of materials. Each house is both prototype and personal statement. 
01  Not Avalable  12th Feb. 2013  Ms. Wickramasinghe, Sanara
- Part l
  Book  Title: 366 Readings From Christianity  
Classification No: 22 
ISBN: 81-7992-074-7 
Accession No: 3059 
Author: De Weyer, Robert Van  
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House 
Published Year: 2003 
No. of Pages: 374 
Description: Jaico’s 366 Readings Series is the first comprehensive collection of the spiritual literature of the whole world presented in accessible form.

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  Book  Title: 501 Must – Visit Islands 
Classification No: 91(026) 
ISBN: 978-0-7537-1694-6 
Accession No: 3460 
Author: Polly Manguel 
Publisher: Octopus 
Published Year: 2008 
No. of Pages: 544 
Description: This book brings you 501 of the world’s most interesting island. Some are incredibly difficult to reach; Other are just a short trip away from the mainland by boat or plane. 
01  Not Avalable  18/10/2012  Ms. Wanigasooriya, Dinu
-P1- Y2
  Book  Title: A Description of the Great and Most Famous Isle of Ceylon , Vol. 3  
Classification No: 954 
ISBN: 81-206-1172-1 
Accession No: 3580 
Author: Philip Baldaeus 
Publisher: Asian Educational Services 
Published Year: 1998 
No. of Pages: 829 
Description: With all the adjacent Kingdoms, Principalities, Provinces, Cities, Chief Harbors, Structures, Pagan Temples, Products, and living Creatures. The Manners, Habits, Economies and Ceremonies of the Inhabitants; as Like wise the most remarkable Warlike Exploits, Sieges, Sea and Field-Engagements between the Portuguese and Dutch; with their Traffic and Commerce. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Perera, Himaya
- Part l
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  Book  Title: A European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development  
Classification No: 551.588 
ISBN: 92-894-1676-9 
Accession No: 3211 
Author: European Commission  
Publisher: European Commission  
Published Year: 2002 
No. of Pages: 119 
Description: The EU strategy also calls for a new approach to policy-making that takes better account of the interdependence between policy areas such as transport and the environment, or health and poverty and that focuses on the long term rather than finding quick fix solutions. 
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  Book  Title: A Field Guide to the Common Trees and Shrubs of Sri Lanka  
Classification No: 712 
ISBN: 955-9114-08-5 
Accession No: 3450 
Author: Mark Ashton & Others  
Publisher: WHT 
Published Year: 1997 
No. of Pages: 431 
Description: For the first time, several leading experts on the Sri Lankan flora have brought together their knowledge in preparing a truly useful field guide to more than 700 species of trees and shrubs which are locally common or widespread in Sri Lanka’s diverse climatic zones.

01  Not Avalable  23rd Jan 2013  Ms. Gamage, Menusha
-P1 -Y3
  Book  Title: A Golden Journey of Innovation, Excellence & Experience 50 
Classification No: 62 
ISBN: 978-955-0898-00-8 
Accession No: 3603 
Publisher: The State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka  
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 208 
Description: The State Engineering Corporation, across the span of fifty years has made a significant contribution to the progress of the construction industry in Sri Lanka. The Corporation is today, a showcase of both efficiency and productivity, as it continues to exceed expectations and boldly face up to the vision of being the leading engineering enterprise. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Nizamudeen, Ayesha
- Part l
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  Book  Title: A Pattern Language : Towns. Buildings, Construction  
Classification No: 721.011 
Accession No: 3049 
Author: Alexander, Christopher & Others 
Publisher: Oxford University Press  
Published Year: 1977 
No. of Pages: 1216 
Description: At the core of these books is the idea that people should design for themselves their own houses, streets, and communities.  
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  Book  Title: Abhayagiriya  
Classification No: 711.42(548.7) 
Accession No: 3100 
Author: Hettiaratchi, S.B. & Kulatunge, T.G.  
Publisher: State Printing Corporation  
Published Year: 1993 
No. of Pages: 51 
Description: The Abhayagiri Vihara which occupies a unique place in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, was for centuries enriched by a community of monks, with great vision, who perceived the world around them with an open mind and who, through their actions, made a tremendous impact on the political, economic, social and religious life of the country.  
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  Book  Title: Advanced Project Management : A Complete Guide to the Key Processes, Models and Techniques.  
Classification No: 65.01 
ISBN: 0-7494-4327-8 
Accession No: 3363 
Author: Alan D. Orr 
Publisher: Kogan Page 
Published Year: 2004 
No. of Pages: 242 
Description: In today’s competitive market, project management has become one of the most valued skills in business. 
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  Book  Title: Aesthetic and Cultural Aspects of AMBAKKE Devalaya in Kandy  
Classification No: 711.42(548.7) 
ISBN: 955-98-227-0-9 
Accession No: 3108 
Author: De S. Manukulasooriya, R.C.  
Publisher: The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka  
Published Year: 2003 
No. of Pages: 182 
Description: In this book an attempt is made to describe the many salient features of the wooden architecture of the Kandyan era, which is perhaps the earliest period of the survival of examples of wooden architecture.

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  Book  Title: Airport Architecture  
Classification No: 725.39 
ISBN: 978-3-03768-104-6 
Accession No: 3591 
Author: Editor : Chris van Uffelen  
Publisher: Braun 
Published Year: 2012 
No. of Pages: 287 
Description: Modern airports have a lot more to offer than just terminals and runways. They also often include parking, malls, lounges, cafes, conference halls and office centers., hotels and railway stations. 
01  Avalable    Ms. Karunatilake, Senali
- Part l
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  Book  Title: Al – Muharraq : Architectural Heritage of a Bahraini City 
Classification No: 72.03 
ISBN: 99901-37-19-6 
Accession No: 3203 
Author: Yarwood, John 
Publisher: Miracle Graphics 
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 225 
Description: Al Muharraq, as many other traditional Arab cities did, evolved through a long process of innovations, adjustments and refinements. Its traditional architecture was a clear expression of social, cultural, spiritual, economic and physical aspects. 
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