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  Magazine  Title: The Architect 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 13915363 
Accession No:  
Author: Editor - Archt. Peshali Perera, FIA (SL), Co- Editor - Archt. Vinuri Ethapane, AIA (SL) 
Publisher: BAP- Sri Lanka Institute of Architects 
Published Year: 2017 
No. of Pages: 112 
Description: Contests 64 The Changing Skyline of Colombo The once laidback commercial capital of Sri Lanka that was mostly identifiable by its colonial architecture has made major strides in developing a more up-to-date and upscale appearance that could rival some of Asia’s better-known capital cities. 73 '' Frozen Figures '' Scrap Metal Art Through hade work, determination and undeniable skill, Lalith Senanayake has risen to become one of modern day Sri Lanka’s finest artists. 78 Strange Familiar - A Slice of Sri Lankan Urban Middle Class Marriage Life Strange familiar ( Dekala Pufudu Kenek ) is the debut film by emerging young filmmaker Malith Hegoda. 83 Basilur Tea Gallery at Liberty Plaza The generator of the design concept for the ‘ Basilur Tea Gallery ‘ was certainly the multiple varieties for differently flavoured teas and its intricately designed packaging that is a feast to the eyes. 52 EFL Campus for Simple Logistics The future office is more than technology. It is a focus on employees’engagement and the dialogue between space, whice could be generally identified as the new sustainability of office culture. 88 Sappers Leisure Bay Club House and Pool Pavilion at Mattegoda ‘‘ … Leisure is not synonymous with time, nor it is noun…, Leisure is an verb, I Leisure, you Leisure…’’ 106 Experimental Theater A Reconciliation Initiative in the North: An experimental theatre based in Kilinochchi. 
  Magazine  Title: "GRID" - The Architect 
Classification No:  
ISBN: 13915363 
Accession No:  
Author: Editor-in-chief - Archt. RavinGuneratne, FIA (SL), Guest Editor - Gihan Karunaratne, RIBA, FRSA 
Publisher: BAP - Sri Lanka Institute of Architects 
Published Year: 2016 
No. of Pages: 159 
Description: Editorial's Grid Spotlight The Logic of From and Image Signature Architecture of Inclusivity Tradition and Continuity Broken symmetries and Shifting Grids House & Design Family Retreat Redux House The Light Fort House Soils Ortus : My Rising of the Sun Matakana Barn Features A Grid is a Grid, is a Grid The Grid GC Prostho Museum Research Center Memorial The Murdered Jews of Europe Vistas Wanmu Orchard Wetland Park The Grid and the Asian City The Checkerboard Grid of China New Urban Grid? The Grid A Grid With the View Short Takes Small Monument Granby Workshop Turner Price 2015 Viewpoint Trying Too Hard to Bring Order Research Creating a Grid, Mapping and What is Next? Irrigation Grids of Stewardship and Extraction Landscape Transforming a Pineapple Plantation into a Leisure Garden Projects IFRCS Community center for Tsunami-Affected Community Fine Arts of Pala Pothupitiya Reconfigured Cartographies The Arts The Grid Democratizing Cinema The Moving Image Pictorials Longhouse Granby Workshop Sawdust Inventory-of-Handles Space Chain Even Covering of the Field Student Forum metamorphosis of the Public Realm National Design School Afterglow Geometry and Movement in the Work of Scott Gardiner 
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  Book  Title: Specification 93. Technical. 
Classification No: 69 
ISBN: 187030814x 
Accession No: 562 
Author: [EMAP Architecture] 
Publisher: [Publisher not identified] 
Published Year: 1993. 
No. of Pages: 893 p. 
Description: The Volume divided into 28 chapters,each of which has a bibliogrphy and a glossary of useful technical terms. The other two volumes in the set are designed to compliment the Technical volume: the products volume comprising data tables of manufatures' products, and the clauses volume containing model specification clauses.It is understood that at different stages of a particular job readers will need to refer to different volumes. With this in mind the sequencing of subjects has been kept consistent where possible. 
  Book  Title: Great Architecture of the World  
Classification No: 72.03 
ISBN: 0-86134-126-0 
Accession No: 3258 , 493 
Author: Editor : John Julius Norwich  
Publisher: Artiste House  
Published Year: 1975 
No. of Pages: 288 
Description: This is the story of the greatest monuments created by man, told by fourteen of the most distinguished architectural historians and abundantly illustrated with more than 800 original diagrams, annotated drawings and superb photographs.  
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  Book  Title: Jewish Tales of Holy Women 
Classification No: 8-31 
ISBN: 0-7879-6271-6 
Accession No: 3020 
Author: Buxbaum, Yitzhak  
Publisher: JOSSEY-BASS  
Published Year: 2002 
No. of Pages: 301 
Description: The tales display a specifically female Jewish spirituality, giving us a peek into a world of devotional beauty that focuses on kindness.  
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  Book  Title: Painting and Decorating  
Classification No: 729.1 
Accession No: 90 
Author: Arrancement  
Publisher: McCARRON BIRD PTY. Limited  
Published Year:  
No. of Pages: 155 
Description: While this manual was originally prepared for the use of trainees in Painting and Decorating under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme, there has been a considerable demand for copies for use in State Technical Institutions, and by industry, for the training of apprentices and student in Painting and Decorating, and it is now being reprinted for these purposes.  
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  Book  Title: Memoirs of the Colombo Museum : Series A. No. 1, Bronzes from Ceylon, Chiefly in the Colombo Museum 
Classification No: 739.5 
Accession No: 222 
Author: Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. 
Publisher: The Colombo Museum 
Published Year: 1914 
No. of Pages: 31 
Description: The present Memoir inaugurates a new series of publications which will be issued from the Colombo Museum at irregular intervals, and which will primarily deal with the Collections of the Colombo Museum in us complete a manner as possible.

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  Book  Title: Real homes : inspiration beyond style 
Classification No: 72.012.8 
ISBN: 9780500516867 
Accession No: 3819 
Author: Santos, Sølvi Dos and Richardson, Phyllis  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 350 p. 
Description: Here is a beautifully photographed collection of real homes that stand as a reflection of their owners personalities and an expression of their interests rather than a homage to current trends. The homes featured are from all around the world, whether in Europe, America, Asia or Africa, and will inspire readers to create their own unique style. From a modern house near Cape Town to an innovative Indonesian home-office, an 1830s barn purchased in New Jersey and then transported in pieces to Martha's Vineyard, or the home of a Norwegian collector of African artifacts in Ibiza, the homes vary enormously in location, size and style. There are ten chapters, taking you through each area of the home. This book has a refreshingly original approach and will appeal to everyone who is seeking inspiration for their own spaces. 
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  Book  Title: Design for Living : Public Housing Architecture in Singapore  
Classification No: 728.22 
ISBN: 9971-88-088-1 
Accession No: 3256 
Author: Housing and Development Board  
Publisher: Housing and Development Board  
Published Year: 1985 
No. of Pages: 160 
Description: As with all work done by the Housing and Development Board, This book is the result of the contributions and efforts of many people. 
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  Book  Title: Piano : Renzo Piano Building Workshop 1966 to today  
Classification No: 72.037 
ISBN: 978-3-8365-0322-8 
Accession No: 3565 
Author: Philip Jodidio  
Publisher: Taschen 
Published Year: 2008 
No. of Pages: 528 
Description: One of the great beauties of architecture is that, each time, it is like life starting all over again, Piano says.  
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  Book  Title: The New Jewelry : Trends & Tradition  
Classification No: 729.1 
Accession No: 292 
Author: Dormer, Peter & Turner, Ralph  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson 
Published Year: 1985 
No. of Pages: 192 
Description: Jewelry is a decorative art and what matters is not the words that can be coined from it, but whether or not it gives pleasure to the wearer and spectator.  
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  Book  Title: From Governor’s Pavilion to President’s Pavilion  
Classification No: 725.17 
Accession No: 070 
Author: Karunaratna, Nihal  
Publisher: Department of Government Printing 
Published Year: 1954 
No. of Pages: 119 
Description: This book entitled From Governor’s Pavilion to President’s Pavilion is the second publication done through the National Archives, so the Residences of the President of Sri Lanka. The first book, From Governor’s Residence to President’s House, authored by Dr. Brendon Gooneratne was published in 1981.  
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  Book  Title: Healing architecture 
Classification No: 725.1:614.21 
ISBN: 9783037681404 
Accession No: 3820 
Author: Nickl-Weller, Christine and Nickl, Hans  
Publisher: Braun,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 344 p. 
Description: This title presents the fundamental principals behind the conception and design of built space and their effect on coping with illness. One of the key questions to be answered is how architecture can contribute to healing. 
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  Book  Title: In Detail Building Skins : New Enlarged Edition  
Classification No: 729 
ISBN: 978-3-7643-7640-6 
Accession No: 3563 
Author: Schittich, Christian  
Publisher: Birkhauser 
Published Year: 2006 
No. of Pages: 198 
Description: Focussing on the choice of materials and their application, the aesthetic qualities and the technical possibilities are presented in carefully selected international examples.

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  Book  Title: A J Metric Hand Book : 1  
Classification No: 729 
Accession No: 60 
Author: Fairweather, Leslie  
Publisher: Arct. Press  
Published Year: 1968 
No. of Pages: 159 
Description: The purpose of this publication is to offer professions engaged in planning, designing and erection of buildings some basic data set in the metric system of measurement.  
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  Book  Title: Masks of Sri Lanka and Mask and Kolam Dancing  
Classification No: 688.75 
ISBN: 955-98227-1-7  
Accession No: 3351 
Author: de. S. Manukulasooriya, R. C.  
Publisher: Tharanjee Prints  
Published Year: 2005 
No. of Pages: 141 
Description: This book contains pictures of all the masks of Sri Lanka reproduced in the book ‘MASKEN AUS CEYLON’ by Gerd Hopfner and found in the Museum for Volkerkunde : Berlin as well as the pictures of the specimens found in the Sri Lanka Collection in the National Museum.  
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  Book  Title: Contemporary living 2014-2015 
Classification No: 72.012.8 
ISBN: 9789089441492 
Accession No: 3821/3822 
Author: Wim Pauwels, (Publisher); Jo Pauwels, (Photographer) 
Publisher: Beta-Plus,  
Published Year: 2013 
No. of Pages: 272 p. 
"This new volume, Contemporary Living 2014-2015 features brand new color photography and reports on interiors arranged by theme. Included are the most beautiful entrance halls, drawing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms, spaces for relaxation and for work, and gardens. Also included is an up-to-date list of weblinks for architects, interior specialists, craftspeople, manufacturers
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  Book  Title: The Road Not Taken : A Traveler’s Guide on the Lesser Known Destinations of Grahwal and Kumaon Himalayas 
Classification No: 91 (026) 
ISBN: ---------- 
Accession No: 3253 
Author: Department of Tourism, Government of Uttaranchal  
Publisher: Department of Tourism, Government of Uttaranchal  
Published Year: 2002 
No. of Pages: 95 
Description: This book is an exploration of the road less travelled. It strives to raise the curtain over the lesser known destinations in the Grahwel and Kumaon regions of the Indian State of Uttaranchal. 
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  Book  Title: Gilbert’s Living With Art 
Classification No: 7.03 
ISBN: 0-07-231726-4 
Accession No: 3004 / 3003 
Author: Getlein, Mark 
Publisher: McGraw Hill 
Published Year: 2002 
No. of Pages: 580 
Description: It offers a broad introduction to the nature, vocabulary, media, and history of art, illustrated by hundreds of examples drawn from many cultures and across many centuries. 
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  Book  Title: Interiors in Color : Creating Space, Personality and Atmosphere  
Classification No: 729.1 
ISBN: 0-8230-7301-7  
Accession No: 134 
Author: Mejetta, Mirko and Spada, Simonetta  
Publisher: Whitney Library of Design  
Published Year: 1983 
No. of Pages: 95 
Description: Whether you are an architect, interior designer or homeowner, this book will provide you with a rich collection of ideas and impressions that will stimulate you to reflect on the use of color in your surroundings and teach you to use color in a creative, imaginative way.  
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