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  Book  Title: Sasaki : intersection and convergence 
Classification No: 72.03 
ISBN: 9780979380150 
Accession No: 3856 
Author: Ojeda, Oscar Riera 
Publisher: Oro Editions,  
Published Year: 2009. 
No. of Pages: 354 p.  
Description: A convergence of ideas, technologies and environmental imperatives challenge the design field as the new millennium unfolds. In the very thick of these epic changes is Sasaki Associates, an inter-disciplinary design firm of exceptional depth and breadth. Sasaki's work delves into virtually every area of the built environment, from planning and urban design to architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil engineering and graphic design. In gestures large and small, Sasaki's work evinces a belief that creativity finds its highest expression in satisfying the human need for civic engagement, environmental responsibility, utility and beauty. As detailed here, it is at the intersection of the multiple design disciplines that the most unexpected--and effective--design strategies are formulated, tested and executed. 
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  Book  Title: Solid states : concrete in transition 
Classification No: 624.012 
ISBN: 9781568988955 
Accession No: 3855 
Author: Bell, Michael and Buckley, Craig  
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press,  
Published Year: 2011. 
No. of Pages: 280 p.  
Description: It has been estimated that more than twelve billion tons of concrete are produced worldwide each year. By far the mostpervasive and affordable building material in the world, concrete has undergone ever-more-widespread dissemination, standardization, and technological innovation in the last twenty-five years. Recent scientific breakthroughs have yielded composites stronger than steel, lighter than water, and as beautiful as natural stone.In Solid States, an interdisciplinary group of architects, historians, theorists, engineers, fabricators, and materials scientists collectively explore the past, present, and future possibilities of this highly calibrated, fluid material. Solid States presents new theoretical and cultural analyses of concrete architecture, both historically and in the context of newly built work. 
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  Book  Title: The story of design 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9781783130016 
Accession No: 3854 
Author: Fiell, Charlotte and Fiell, Peter  
Publisher: Goodman Fiell,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 512 p.  
Description: Design is a multi-disciplined approach to problem-solving that has always uniquely reflected humankind's aspirations, needs and desires. It has both shaped and mirrored the spirit of our times. 'The Story of Design' is a fascinating multi-stranded account that is truly comprehensive in its scope, introducing the styles, movements, theories, materials, processes, technologies, leading practitioners and companies that have shaped modern design into what it is today. 
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  Book  Title: The story of painting, from the Renaissance to the present 
Classification No: 75 
ISBN: 9783848004140 
Accession No: 3854 
Author: Krausse, Anna-Carola  
Publisher: h.f. ullmann publishing,  
Published Year: [2013]. 
No. of Pages: 128 p. 
Description: From the Renaissance to the Present Artistic currents, artists, and techniques in Western art from the Early Renaissance to Anselm Kiefer. Enjoy the development of Western painting in all its diversity on the basis of chosen works accompanied by focused interpretations. Explanations of styles and historical backgrounds, together with artists' biographies, complete this grand synopsis. 
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  Book  Title: Affordable houses architecture 
Classification No: 728 
ISBN: 9788415223603 
Accession No: 3852 
Author: Minguet, José María , Vázquez, Óscar Mira and Traducciones, Babyl  
Publisher: Instituto Monsa de Ediciones, cop. 
Published Year: 2012. 
No. of Pages: 210 p. 
Description: Offers inspirational ideas for creating unique and efficient, yet stylish and innovative low-budget housing. This book helps to create something unique and efficient with a low budget that requires more than imagination, architects must be willing to look beyond conventional and embrace new methods of construction, new materials, and new ideas. 
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  Book  Title: Opportunistic architecture: Lewis. Tsurumaki. Lewis  
Classification No: 72.02 
ISBN: 9781568987101 
Accession No: 3851 
Author: Lewis, Paul , Tsurumaki, Marc and Lewis, David J  
Publisher: Chicago 
Published Year: 2008. 
No. of Pages: 192 p.  
Description: What if the constraints and limitations of architecture became the catalyst for design invention? The award-winningyoung architecture firm Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis calls their answers to this question "opportunistic architecture." It is a design philosophy that transforms the typically restrictive conditions of architectural practicesmall budgets, awkward spaces, strict zoninginto generators of architectural innovation. Often building portions of projects themselves, thesearchitects seek to maximize their project's impact through material fabrication and construction.  
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  Book  Title: Archi-Graphic : an Infographic Look at Architecture 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 9781780676197 
Accession No: 3850 
Author: Jacobus, Frank  
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing,  
Published Year: 2015. 
No. of Pages: 159 p.  
Description: Through a variety of different infographics, this book takes an unusual look at architecture. It also approaches architecture from more unconventional angles with spreads that show the kinds of architecture favoured by dictators, the networks of love affairs that architects got entangled in, and the defining facial features of famous architects. 
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  Book  Title: Urban Apartments: 500 Tricks 
Classification No: 728.22 
ISBN: 9783864075124 
Accession No: 3849 
Author: Triquell, Aitana Lieonart 
Publisher: Koenemann 
Published Year: 2014. 
No. of Pages: 255 p. 
Description: Each volume focuses on one of the key factors that play a role in decoration - Colour, Storage, Accessories, Lighting, Flooring and Materials or on different kinds of houses or spaces - Rooms for fun, Rooms for kids or Urban apartments. The photographs, accompanied by descriptive captions, provide highly useful and intelligent solutions to each of the areas covered.  
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  Book  Title: Creative living : London 
Classification No: 72.012.8 
ISBN: 9780500516973 
Accession No: 3848 
Author: Wheeler, Emily and Rasmussen, Ingrid  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 317 p. 
Description: This title provides an inspirational look at the interiors of London's hottest creative talents, and is an ideal resource of often unexpected ideas for homeowners and those redesigning their homes. 
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  Book  Title: The genius of design 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9781590204337 
Accession No: 3847 
Author: Sparke, Penny  
Publisher: The Overlook Press,  
Published Year: 2010. 
No. of Pages: 256 p. 
Description: Revealing how design gives our life meaning and helps us understand what it is to be human, 'The Genius of Design' examines design both as a process and as a product. 
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  Book  Title: Villas : super residential style 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 9783037681589 
Accession No: 3846 
Author: Kramer, Sibylle 
Publisher: Braun,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 351 p. 
Description: Since the origin of the villa culture in ancient times. the term villa has been invested with a special magic Seen formerly as a genteel country estate and. companion piece to city palace. today this type of dwelling is represented more as a refined. noble. free standing house. The villa is the gleaming diamond of housing construction. the expression of distinguished living style and elevated standard of living. For an architect. the planning or reconstruction of a villa represents the exciting challenge of a new interpretation of a classical building task. guided by their own. special ideas. This volume portrays famous architects as well as exciting works by younger architecture firms. The international selection shows the manifold and intriguing spectrum of contemporary architecture. 
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  Book  Title: Spa resorts. 
Classification No: 725.1:615 
ISBN: 9789881566324 
Accession No: 3844/3845 
Author: Li, Mandy  
Publisher: Design Media Publishing Ltd 
Published Year: 2014. 
No. of Pages: 415 p. 
Description: The increasing understanding of the importance of health and well-being combined with the emphasis on beauty in our society has inspired the creation of amazing spaces for relaxation and pampering at day spas-both independent of and affiliated with chic hotels. Spa Resorts showcases the latest spas and resorts in the most appealing spots in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania. Felled with beautiful full-colour photographs, descriptions, plans and illustrations this visually lush guide is a must-have for architects, designers, spa-owners, and travelers alike. 
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  Book  Title: New Asian interiors 
Classification No: 72.012.8 
ISBN: 9780500289693 
Accession No: 3843 
Author: Listri, Massimo and Buono, Nicoletta Del  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson,  
Published Year: 2011. 
No. of Pages: 357 p.  
This title showcases nearly 40 of the most beautiful homes in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Java, Burma, Indonesia, Singapore and Bali, all captured through the lens of the exceptional architecture and interiors.
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  Book  Title: A home in the world : houses and cultures 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9780810956070 
Accession No: 3842 
Author: Laffon, Martine and Laffon, Caroline  
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams,  
Published Year: 2004. 
No. of Pages: 198 p. 
Description: A fascinating perspective on home design by revealing how different cultures have handled the essential task of building houses that reflect their ideals and values. In a time when home improvement is all the rage, this book sheds light on other, more global, meanings of the word "home". 
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  Book  Title: Bath and spa 
Classification No: 725.1:613.47 
ISBN: 9783037681312 
Accession No: 3841 
Author: Kramer, Sibylle  
Publisher: Braun,  
Published Year: 2013. 
No. of Pages: 270 p. 
Description: The evolution from yesterday's bathroom to todays wellness oasis continues to open new frontiers. With its international selection of projects, this title represents the spectrum ranging from small and intimate baths to wide open spa landscapes, all with their own invitation to immerse, relax and let go. 
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  Book  Title: Warehouse and distribution centre 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9789881566393 
Accession No: 3840 
Author: Mulder, Robert and Kobussen, Michiel  
Publisher: Design Media Publishing Ltd,  
Published Year: 2014. 
No. of Pages: 254 p. 
Description: Great changes have happened to the design of warehouses and distribution centers. People not only begin to pay much attention to control the expense of construction, but start to take technical and safety requirements into consideration. The architects are faced with a number of challenges including the growing shortage of cheap land and the increasing demand cast upon distribution centers. This book consists of two parts, a system of basic theories, guidelines and design standards, as well as a collection of warehouse and distribution center projects throughout the world to serve both referential and inspirational purposes. 
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  Book  Title: Innovative student residences : new directions in sustainable design 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9781864705799 
Accession No: 3839 
Author: Friedman, Avi  
Publisher: Images, 
Published Year: 2016. 
No. of Pages: 207 p. 
Description: Current design modes of student residences are facing challenges of both philosophy and form. Past approaches no longer sustain new demands and require innovative thinking. The need for a new outlook is propelled by fundamental changes that touch upon environmental, economic, and social factors. 
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  Book  Title: Design Ecologies: Essays on the Nature of Design 
Classification No: 72.012 
ISBN: 9781568987835 
Accession No: 3838 
Author: Tilder, Lisa and Blostein, Beth  
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press,  
Published Year: 2010. 
No. of Pages: 255 p.  
Description: Contemporary architects are under increasing pressure to offer a sustainable future. But with all the focus on green building there has been little investigation into the meaningful connections between architectural design, ecological systems, and environmentalism. A new generation of architects, landscape architects, designers, and engineers aims to recalibrate what humans do in the world according to how the world works as a biophysical system. Design in this sense is a larger concept having to do as much with politics and ethics as with aesthetics and technology. This recasting of the green movement for the twenty-first century transforms design into a positive agent balancing societal values with environmental needs. 
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  Book  Title: States of architecture in the twenty-first century : new directions from the Shanghai World Expo 
Classification No: 72.01 
ISBN: 9780500342695 
Accession No: 3837 
Author: El-Khoury, Rodolphe and Payne, Andrew  
Publisher: Thames & Hudson,  
Published Year: 2011. 
No. of Pages: 381 p. 
Description: For six months in 2010 Shanghai has been host to the biggest and most ambitious World Expo in history. This title showcases the Expos most ambitious buildings and reflects a dynamism and spirit of creativity that will surely influence architects and designers for years to come. 
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  Book  Title: Eco house book 
Classification No: 72.012.8 
ISBN: 9781840916027 
Accession No: 3836 
Author: Conran, Terence 
Publisher: Conran Octopus,  
Published Year: 2009. 
No. of Pages: 271 p.  
Description: From relatively small and economic changes to more dramatic overhauls, there has never been a better time to turn your home green.Environmental issues should be part of every decision you make on the home front - from selecting fabric for soft furnishings to designing and siting a home extension. 
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