Architectural Education

Criteria for Validation of Architectural Education in Sri Lanka

SLIA validates programmes of architecture at higher education institutions in Sri Lanka. SLIA Validation is a peer review process that monitors compliance with internationally recognised minimum standards in architectural education and encourages excellence and diversity academic achievement within a Sri Lankan context. Visiting Boards visit schools of architecture to assess the output standard of courses for exemption from the SLIA's examinations (Part I and Part II) in architecture. Courses in architecture are generally validated on a four to five-year cycles.

Validation procedures and criteria

BAE maintains set of documents pertaining to the validation procedure as listed in the ‘SLIA/BAE Documents & Publications’ section which will be made available to those who wishes to apply for the validation process.

These criteria are jointly held by the SLIA and Architects Registration Board (ARB).

Validating New Programmes of Architecture

The procedures for seeking validation for an existing or projected programme of architecture are described in full in the Validation Procedures document.

SLIA (Sri Lanka Institute of Architects) validated courses of architecture in Sri Lanka

  1. B.(Arch) Program of the University of Moratuwa (For SLIA Part I & Part II)
  2. Diploma in Architectural Studies (for SLIA Part I) and the Higher Diploma in Architecture (for SLIA Part II) Programs of the City School of Architecture, Colombo

Validation Fee

A fee as decided by the SLIA will be levied for the validation process.