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Board of Architectural Education promotes and eventuate a range of academic and student related activities with the intention of promoting architectural education throughout the country.

Annual Architecture Student Jamboree

jamboree1 SLIA student Jamboree is an annual event stated in 2012. Jamboree strives to promote leadership and awareness of social responsibility among architectural students of the accredited architecture schools of Sri Lanka. It is also an event for students of these schools to get together, share their thoughts and have fun.

Inaugural Student Jamboree, 2012


Inaugural SLIA Student Jamboree was held during 17th-19th August, 2012 at the MAS Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT) at Thulhiriya. 80 Students from both the Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa and the City School of Architecture, Colombo took part in this event.

A key element of the event was the refurbishment of a building and landscaping the premises of a local school. Students also took part in various other activities including group performances based on the motivational speaker Kumar Iddamalgoda. Apart from these activities architecture students also made a presentation to the students of the local school and their parents on various aspects of the architectural education process.

2nd Student Jamboree, 2013


Student Jamboree is an annual event of SLIA organized by the Board of Architectural Education (BAE) commencing last year. Jamboree 2013 was held very successfully at the Army Detachment Camp, Belihuloya from 06th to 09th September 2013.Participants for the Jamboree were nearly 100 students in total from Department of Architecture of Moratuwa University (UOM) and the City School of Architecture, Colombo 07 (CSA). Student Jamboree builds a stage for the students of the two schools to get together, build closer friendships, exchange ideas and so on. Finally they both are benefitted by such interaction in the social, environmental and business arena where they live and work.

Student Jamboree 2013 at Belihuloya had been strengthened with 2 major activities while the food and lodging facilities were provided at the army detachment camp which is situated in a rural village area in Belihuloya with eye catching sceneries of mountains, paddy fields, forestry etc.

Team Build up and Survival programme
Students of the two schools were mixed together and separated into 4 groups. Tasks given to the groups were full of adventure and entertainment. Team work and Responsibility was the main theme and marks were given accordingly. At the end of the day each team displayed their creative abilities by staging a drama around the camp fire mainly based on the experience gained by the adventure activities performed during the day.
Community programme

Held at Sri Shariputra Maha Vidyalaya, Imbulpe, Balangoda. One full day of the Jamboree was spent to paint a school building. Paints and painting instructions were provide by the kind sponsorship of CIC.

New Members Forum


New membersí forum introduces new members to SLIA activities and procedures. It also provides the opportunity for the new members to have their voice heard as the associates of the Institute for the first time.


Oath Taking Ceremony

New members are inducted to the Sri Lanka Institute of Architecture at the annually held Oath Taking Ceramony

Research on Architectural Education

Architecture research contributes to the development of profession and the construction industry. It also helps to improve the way architecture is taught. New knowledge in the discipline will contribute in improving social, cultural and environmental aspects of the Sri Lanka.

BAE as the educational arm of the Institute encourages architecture research within the profession and actively supports research linked to the growth of architectural profession and education.